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Our bilingual primary teaching method at Kaleidoscope

  • Total immersion shared in half-days: French mornings and afternoons in English or vice versa, to practice both languages daily.
  • Full immersion in English or French on Wednesdays.
  • A program that complies with the requirements of l’Education Nationale to ensure education recognised by the entire education system.
  • Small classes (maximum 24) to best meet the needs of each student.
  • A bilingual team of teachers who align their work to ensure consistency in teaching.

An outline of our educational beliefs

  • An open approach to education, orientated towards others and the world, inscribing the cultural diversity that constitutes our classes as educational support.
  • A teaching method that promotes autonomy, respect for others and the environment.
  • A place where each aspect of educational life takes place in a harmonious way around the child.
  • Close and privileged connection with the parents to better support each student’s education.

Our projects

Our children are the main drivers in their education. Each period, our children work on a project related to the school overall theme for that year in both French and English. This allows them to understand the two languages simultaneously, early and effortlessly. We create innovative and interesting projects that allow children to learn, flourish and grow. We engage with parents of students, subject experts and professionals to share their knowledge.

During each school week the children have daily sports sessions working on key motor skills. We work with skilled teaching individuals to provide a cultural musical education, and every month they have the opportunity to participate in selected workshops and/or school excursions.


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